Complaint Against a Service United States

High School Corp.

The manager Muhammad J. Anwar would hardly ever show up to work, and if he did he would sit in his office and just hang out and talk with all other foreign employees. He would not do anything a manager should, he would send the american employees to do what he should be doing as a manager.

The day time front desk worker at Royal Inn would make the housekeepers do everything that should be his responsibility while he just sits in the managers office and play on his phone and ignore customers or not even be at the front desk.

The front desk lady at Studio 6 call the lady that is support to be doing laundry to open for her or to cover her shift at least once a week because she goes out and does whatever all night and doesn’t want to get up to work her 5 hour shift. So the laundry lady has to do that and then go work her shift until at least 5pm if not later, then these front desk employees call the laundry lady when they have a problem or question at anytime during the day instead of calling the manager.

When I worked there I was always told I would get help, which either never happened or the help was so worthless I might as well do everything myself. If your foreign you can get away with anything but if your american your worked like a slave.

Country United States
State Indiana
City Indianapolis
Address 3740 N High School Rd
Phone 317 293 6550