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Hoang Realty

My husband and I made a terrible mistake to entrust the sale our home in Maine with Hoan Realty. We put our trust in their professionalism, but we were shafted by this company who low balled our home.

With hindsight being 20/20, we should have RUN away from this firm, but did not recognize the fact that the agent, Joe Grant, just wanted a quick sale and a commission and did not care about our needs.

Here is the evidence:

The Broker, Mrs. Hoang told us that 2020 was a BUYER’S MARKET, when it really was a Seller’s Market. She said asking a higher price for our home was a ‘BAD IDEA.”

Unfortunately, we were assigned to an agent that only had about 2 years experience.

There was an offer on our home in early May, 2020. It was a lower offer. Joe Grant came to our home when we were having a garage sale. He came to the garage and only met with me. He did not ask that my husband be there.

He forced me to write up a counter offer that was NOT in our best interest. I asked for a clause in the contract to protect us that would assure that if we did not find a suitable replacement home, we would not have to sell.

Joe Grant’s response was, LET US NOT START THAT. In hindsight, I should have asked him to leave our property. I was in shock.

We countered with that clause, but it was taken out by the seller’s agent. Joe Grant came back to our garage and said to me only,

He even followed me into my home to make sure I did NOT have the protection clause in the contract – purchase agreement.

This caused us to lose a nice home for a low ball price.

A reader of this review might conclude that we should file a complaint with the Maine Real Estate Commission. However, past experience proves to us that the Maine Real Estate Commission is NOT on the side of the consumer.

A Word to the Wise, make sure you check out the company you hire to sell your home.

In our opinion, Hoang Realty and this agent, are not Sellers Agents.

We should have known better. Again, hindsight is 20/20.


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State Maine
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