Complaint Against a Service United States

Holly Zoller

This fat young blond jacka*s was all over Fox News this evening. She is the one who rented the truck with all the riot accessories needed for the thugs in Louisville to cause all types of havoc because the Briana Taylor case did not go the way they wanted it to go. She is a major instigator. She facilitates the riotors by pushing for bail money in order to get these thugs back out on the streets so they can cause more havoc the next day.

This women should be in jail. She is very corrupt. She should be put out of the country. She hates America. Never hire this woman (thug) and never give her any opportunities to promote her violent agenda.

Google her name “Holly Zoller” and “The Bail Project”. Shis is despicable. She has three daughters and she lives in Louisville. You don’t want people like this in your community.

She is the idiot that rented the Uhaul truck and filled it with riot supplies so the thugs could attack the police in Louisville after the Briana Taylor hearing proved that Briana was hiding her thug drug dealing boyfriend in her apartment. Briana’s warrant was not a NO KNOCK warrant. They did knock. Briana’s boyfriend fired first and hit a cop.

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Louisville