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Good day. I’ve purchased a 15g pouch of Champion Ruby today and it’s most definitely not the same tobacco that’s inside the 25g pouches that I usually buy. About a month ago I bought a 20g pouch of Champion Ruby and had the same problem. Upon closer inspection of these products I noticed they are made in Netherlands. The 25g and 50g pouches, which I consider to be the genuine product, are made in New Zealand. The product from Netherlands is too finely cut, the colour is different and it does not taste like the Champion Ruby that I am used to. It gives me a sore throat too and I actually never finished the 20g pouch. I have only had two small cigarettes from the 15g pouch that I bought today and already I have a sore throat. I probably would not smoke more of it. What is very disappointing is the fact that I paid $36.95 for this product.

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