Complaint Against A Cheater United States


I was called by Caller ID 800-334-7661 which is Com Ed’s number, they said they were from Com Ed Supply and the girls name was Shirley Brown. They then tried to get me to sign up with the 8.49/ KWhr whem my rate is already at 6.49 but they said they remove the Delivery charges from my bill. Going all the way- asking them all the questions.

I finally got to a verification person and asked what company they were calling from and that is when they said Inspire Energy NOT Com Ed. This is therefore fraud and deception and criminal charges should be filed for this reason. The verifiers name was Steve Shaw but these names are probably fake in view of what they are doing. She just called me again and now they say they are with ESCO.

Country United States
State Illinois
Phone (866) 403-2620