Complaint Against a Service United States

Interior Style Designs

They completely dropped the ball and have left me hanging. My job was $50,000 for roller shades with motors installed. Yah it was a lot but I thought they knew what they were doing. My house was under construction so they did the install and I paid them without examining the work because the blinds needed to be integrated with my home automation system to work. When my AV guy went to do it he said that Interior Style Designs, Josh, was suppose to give me the part to intertwine it with my AV system.

Josh said sorry, cant help you (obviously I paid them the 50k so he didn’t care) so I had to pay another blinds company to come out and get the system working. Now I get the shades lowered and there are huge gaps in between the shades. I call Josh and his wife and texted them and no return call or text. I remember him specifically telling me I would have a one inch gap. Its a four inch gap. The worst part is they wont even help solve my problem. Do not let them take your money and leave you hanging too. After I left a negative review they texted me and said they don’t do extortion and now they are really not helping me or honoring my warranties.

If there are any problems or mistakes they make with your job they will not do anything to fix them!! Run and another company. They are only qualified to do smaller jobs like under $5000. Do not trust them with your hard earned money, go with another company’s estimate. They are so busy right now that they just dont care if they have happy customers anymore. Do not let all the good reviews they have online fool you, they are not the same company!!

Country United States
State California
City Los Alamitos
Address 10319 Los Alamitos Blvd
Phone (562) 799-3900