Complaint Against A Cheater United States

James C Matthews

  • Nov 4, 2020
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This incident is years old, but I only recently found out about this website and decided that this was a great way to warn other women of all the shitbags I’ve dated! I met “JC” at my job. At first I thought he was rather childish. Like who goes by the name JC at 28 years old? He still lived with his parents at almost 30. And he had a string of ridiculous tattoos. He has a lord of the rings language tattoo on his arm that is part of a full sleeve, and he has a devils tail tattoo coming out of his lower back. He has more that I can’t remember. He was very into playing his guitar and believed he could make it in a band playing guitar in Hollywood even though he wasn’t very good. He wasn’t very attractive, was overweight when I met him, and everyone at my work asked me why I was dating him. I told anyone who asked that I thought he had potential and seemed like a genuinely nice person despite his flaws. I came from a small town and there weren’t really many great men to choose from where I was living. He told me that he was an electrical engineer when I met him and was working at my job for extra cash. I thought it was strange but his best friend also worked there so I thought maybe he just wanted something to do while getting to spend time with his best friend, Whose name was Joe Cooke. We started off with a casual fling but then he asked me to be his girlfriend. I did not really see myself with this guy long term, but again I decided to give him a chance. After we had been dating for some time I realized he was not an electrical engineer like he told me, but worked putting electrical parts together for something like $20 an hour. I was upset that he lied to me but again I didn’t really see myself being with this guy long term and didn’t take him very seriously. I soon saw he had mommy issues, him and his mother were always getting into fights and sometimes he would go to extremes and say things like “I wish I could just burn down her house”. I had an issue with his best friend. His best friend was a creep and sexually assaulted me . I told him about it since his best friend was also a co-worker of mine , and his solution was to get his best friend to apologize to me. Like really dude? How about the fact that you still want to be friends with someone who assaults women is a huge red flag and a no no. He made excuses for his best friend, like saying that he was harmless and meant well and blah blah blah. He finally stops talking to his best friend to appease me. As soon as we broke up he is best friends with the shitbag again, showing his true character. I really had a major issue with him when I would come home from work and this loser would be heavily drinking on a week night. Slurring his words. All while claiming he wasn’t intoxicated. I told him that he had a problem and should quit drinking. I spoke to his friend about it who revealed that he had frequently drank and drive, and at one time crashed his car into something. Real winner right? Each time I would catch him drinking he would apologize , and then go back to drinking. Sometimes we would argue when he was drunk and he would grab me and shake me while he was yelling at me. This was my cue to get out of the relationship which I was feeling could turn abusive. I had called the police on him a couple times already by now for being drunk and scaring me. I had told this guy about my past dating history with some men who were abusive to me. When I told him about it he actually cried in front of me. I thought, wow , this guy must really care about me and what I have been through. I realized that it was all an act, and those were crocodile tears. Because now suddenly he was the abusive guy I was dating. I also realized that this guy seemed to agree with everything I said all the time, totally kissing my a*s 24/7. I realized that I was probably the most beautiful woman he’d ever dated and my friends told me that he just agreed with everything I said all the time because I was some sort of trophy for him and he didn’t want to lose me, so he just kissed my a*s all the time. It finally got annoying and I realized this guy could care less about me, he just wanted to have me in his possession. I decided I wanted him out of my life. He became very upset when I broke it off with him, and had been expecting that I move to Maryland with him where he would work as an elevator repairman with his uncle. He turned the volume up on the tv to full blast and I took the remote to turn it off. He then childishly turned the tv on full blast again. I was so exhausted from working I just wanted to get some sleep and this guy was trying to mess with me now. I tried turning the tv off again and he attacked me, pushing me on to the bed in the room and getting on top of me and holding me down. I thought I was going to have to fight for my life because this guy could easily kill me and he was drunk . I started bashing him over the head with a self defense weapon I had on my car key keychain. He started bleeding, and the blood dripped down on to my face. He then saw the blood and started laughing while continuing to hold me down and saying “haha b***h I’m gonna bleed on you now “. I thought to myself “what a PSYCHO this guy is and I just completely overlooked it”. He finally got off of me and I ran to my car, where I quickly called the police . He was arrrested for the third time during our relationship. I can’t imagine how long his criminal record must be if he was arrested that many times during the course of our relationship. I went to court and testified against him, but because there was a lack of evidence and he said that I actually attacked him, they had to drop the charges. He actually laughed in my face on his way out of court, like a psycho once again. I am so glad I didn’t move with this guy or continue dating him. I am doing great now, I had to go to therapy for ptsd related to this incident, and was even less trusting of men after this relationship then I was before I met this jerk. I have a college degree and am dating a great guy who is respectful to me, successful, and who I am actually physically attracted to. Life is much better once I aimed higher than I did before! Just wanted to warn other women about this guy. His moms name I believe was Deborah and his fathers name is James too. They live in sagamore beach, Massachusetts. He had a cat named Sampson. That’s all I can think of as far as identifiers, but I think that should be enough. If your a woman reading this, and you have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to message me on Facebook. I just don’t want my name here on the internet, but I’m guessing he will mention me at some point if you discuss past exes and you will be able to find out my name. If he doesn’t want to tell you my full name and doesn’t want you to speak to me, it’s because he has something to hide. You can try to search the Barnstable Massachusetts police records on him to see more info if you want but because this happened awhile ago and because he was not convicted I don’t know if they will come up, but it’s worth a try possibly. I hope this helps someone

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Mechanicsville