Complaint Against a Service United States


My family didn’t know what to get me during the holidays. They told me to pick something out and just order it. Now I am a shorter guy but muscular with a bigger chest and arms. I ordered an XL. When I received it the jacket did not fit. So I wrote an email to support. It went 4 days and no answer. Then I went on to the website and they must have just done an update because now they have a message box to talk to customer service. I asked them do they do returns and exchanges. They said yes. I explained ok I got an XL it doesn’t fit. They proceeded to tell me you should have looked at the size chart. Now I did look at the size chart.

The issue is that some things you order run small or big. Now on the website it says Exhange or Returns within 30 days. I figured that I could exchange since it doesn’t fit. They message me saying they won’t exchange it. I then call the customer service number. It ends up being the person I was messaging. They were unprofessional. The TV was loud in the back round. I was trying to hear him. He has a thick accent and I asked if he is based in India. He got quiet and then hung up. I called back and the number is through a VOIP or some app. It says “the text mail subscriber is unavailable” yet I was just on the phone with him. I screen shotted the conversation. This guy is a scam.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 844 W Armitage Ave.
Phone 901-667-1255