china Complaint Against a Service

Jinzhou Hengchuan Network Technology Co. Ltd.

I bought an iPhone screencover online from JINZHOU NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO LTD who were advertising on Instagram as . I received a tracking number which appears on the Shopify App (other items I purchased online used this App for tracking & all other items were delivered successfully). When my item didn’t arrive after 26 ‘in transit’ status updates I finally contacted them directly via email at Firstly, they asked me to wait 2-3 days for another status update giving me a new tracking number linked to a different site. Then they claimed my item had been sent to the wrong address & another would be sent out.

I asked them to clarify the addresses which they failed to do, instead thanking me for my patience. I sent several emails which they promptly replied to until I wrote telling them I believed their company was either a scam or a total disgrace demanding a refund. I have now lodged a dispute through PayPal…I only wish I had researched their company from the outset as I would have discovered the voluminous complaints warning others about this contemptible scam company!

Country China
City Nanchang, Jiangxi