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Joel Cheeves — Deadbeat dad!

Joel Cheeves originally from Philadelphia, PA, calls himself a singer/songwriter/DJ etc. This man goes from woman to woman leaching off whatever he can get. And is good at it. He always has a car, new computers, new clothes, new shoes. He will move any place in the country to be where the money is. He uses the internet to met his followers, usually paltalk messenger or camfrog or any other webcam chat there is out there. He will check you out for a while then make his move. He tries to keep many women at a time. He is very good at getting women to believe him.

For those such women who read this, and i know you are reading it because your emailing me… he has a daughter besides his oldest with his ex wife (who he still sleeps with also) who was born august of 2006. He is not working as he said it will be a cold day in hell before he pays child support, he got laid off from his last job before we went to court and the support is coming out of his unemployment.

He is a deadbeat and would rather keep his children a secret so his women don’t know what a deadbeat he is. BEWARE of Joel Cheeves 02/27/1967.