Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Julius Lockett

Contacted my company to perform Turnkey Services on his rental property with promises that he had 8 other properties that needed work as well. Julius Lockett stated “that the conractor he had performing the services initially came down with COVID and he needed someone to finish the project and how he really wanted to go with a Black company verses some Mexican that gave him a bid. After we excepted the job & completed it he all of sudden got super busy & after finally reaching him he then started complaining about Items that wasn’t on the Punch list, we returned & took care of those items as well he got ghost again…

after finally reaching him after numerouse attempts to get paid we finally told him that if he had no intent on paying just let us know & we would place a contractor lien on the property Julius Lockett stated “well the property has been in the family for over 20 Yrs & it would probably be a additional 20 Yrs before he thought about selling the property so we still won’t be getting paid”,as well as tried on 2 attempts to intimidate us by telling us he was the Police for 10 Yrs. we then told him that we would also foreclose on the lien & he stated he was going to send us a cease & deceas.

Julius Lockett is 100% a scammer & had no intent on paying as you all can tell it was well thought out what the possible consienquences could be but he didn’t know that in the state of GA as long as the contractor lien is filed properly & validated it can be Foreclosed on.

I just wanted to Warn All other contractors, Handymen, Gig Workers if you do business with Julius Lockett get your money upfront!!!

Country United States
State Georgia
City Morrow
Address P.O. Box 436
Phone (619) 512-9424