Complaint Against a Service United States

Karen Annette Pettit

I recently sold a pair of professional nursing clogs that were accurately described in the caption + listing photo yet the buyer, ironically named Karen Annette Connor a.k.a. Karen Pettit, (karen081569 on Poshmark) opened a case, accusing me of causing her shoes to break. Eh, right?

This woman touts herself as a Christian and a caring nurse yet the barrage of abusive comments spoke volumes about her character.

The Nurse and the Exploding Shoes

You’ll see in the listing ( that there weren’t any signs of the shoes on the verge of breaking (I brightened the exposure in one of the case photos to show this, too). She then goes on to say the reason why it happened is that I must have stored them improperly and that she talked to Sanita about it. I store all of my shoes properly by placing them on a quality shoe rack and periodically rotating them. She also said that I said they were brand new shoes. I’m not sure how she came up with that claim unless she was judging by appearance, which they were in pristine condition as well as my other shoes.

In the listing, though, I described them as in an excellent pre-owned condition.

Judging by the pictures she supplied, it looks like she walked over gravel in them since it shows dusty debris on the outsoles. It’s odd that both outsoles would look like the case photos she supplied unless she walked on terrain that wasn’t suitable for these shoes. Not only gravel leaves a dusty debris, but it can make any shoes susceptible to damage. In additional pictures she supplied, she essentially took the shoes apart to attempt to prove a point. These shoes were in very great shape and very carefully packaged. I find it too odd that both shoes decided to “explode” while she was at work. She went on to tell me that she works at Anniston Regional Hospital in Anniston, Alabama as if that was any importance to the case.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Gadsden
Address 201 Manor St.