Canada Complaint Against a Service

Karyna McLaren

I met these women at Cactus Café of Burrard Street in Downtown Vancouver on a weekend night and we got along but didn’t really fully connect. After running into them a second time a week later in the same place we got more into the conversation where Karyna McLaren told me that she was the owner of Kosan Travel and Kosan Medical and connected more. I was not sure which one of the women I wanted to hit on but surprisingly they both wanted some with me. More than a few drinks later Karyna McLaren offered to have us both come to her place for some more drinks. Obviously, I was with these 2 gorgeous women so Karyna, Sandra Boenisch, and I caught a cab to her place.

Once we had a few more drinks things got really heated quickly, and that was when Karyna came up with the idea that we should record our interaction and talk about what to do with it after. I was very intoxicated so I thought it was a good idea. After everything, I had Karyna and Sandra’s number but I didn’t really contact them back again. Sometime later I was going through a webpage online and found out that the video we had made was online without my knowledge. I called Karyna and Sandra to get an explanation and what they told me was to never contact them again and that what is done is done and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I tried reporting the video and emailing the website and even started a lawsuit against the website to take down the video but the website doesn’t even have a person’s name that I can name on the lawsuit. Karyna McLaren and Sandra Boenisch, remember the names and watch out for these snakes.

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario