Complaint Against a Service United States

Please note that we were clients of Nicks along with several others who are receiving treatments from his KBT laser on or around last year he was seeking investment from fast and many others we were trying to find if anyone knows his whereabouts or if any other investors are concerned about their investment.

Nick has absconded with our funds and we’ve never heard from him since the date he left for overseas Nick had informed us that he was doing a moved to China and would be operating from his office in Torrance CA as well as in China of course this is ridiculous, but we have not heard from him since he left.

Nick was selling shares of his business because the story was, he was about to open up the Chinese market ’cause there was less regulations in China than there was here with regards to expanding his business he promised to return our funds presented us with corporate documents in corporate shares.

we are adults and we understand that we’ve been ripped off but what we want to do is let others know that Nick scammed us out of funds, and we hope to hear news from others and or what might be coming on thank you.

Country United States
State California
City Torrance
Address 3838 Carson Street, Suite 307
Phone 1-310-543-0309