Complaint Against A Cheater United States

King Leadsman

This should serve as a notice to anyone trying to work with Allen Aveti on Facebook. He has a company named Kingleads His real name or the name I paid him through Venmo is Edmond Grigoryan.

We started talking Oct 13/14th 2020. He contacted us and promised he could deliver calls. We agreed on a small test of $1,900. We agreed on $570 down then he would deliver some leads and I would pay the additional monies. I tried to pay him through Paypal to protect myself, but he said they were difficult to work with, that should have been a red flag. We agreed to send the $570 through Venmo and the calls would start the next day.

After the first payment he stopped responding quickly or even at all. He then after about 4 days said that he was in trouble and needed another $700 to free up some overages he incurred and if I did agree to the $700 more before any leads he would double the leads he delivers for the same cost. I agreed sent him the money and again he went dark or was slow to respond. After another few days he cam back asking for more money and he had not sent one lead. I told him no more money until the leads flow or just return our money.

He started asking over and over for money. It started around $200 or more and he got down to begging for $89.00 dollars and we refused. He indicated the leads would finally start Tuesday the 3rd of November or he would refund the money. Well, that never happened. He then proceeded to tell us we can’t do anything and he will ruin our business. He made numerous threats to our business and said we could not do anything to him.

BE CAREFUL he is a scammer and shady.

Country United States
State Nevada
City Henderson
Phone 702.666.0100