Complaint Against a Service United States

Kingler Weapons StoreKingler Weapons Store

I was trying to purchase a firearm (Kimber Raptor 9mm) because of the pandemic guns are almost impossible to fine in stores or the internet. When I googled the firearm I was looking for I came up with “The Kimber Store” and the showed one for sale. When I clicked on the link it came up “KINGLER WEAPONS STORE” out of Montana. I was suspicious because they went right to the check out page without any advice on requiring an FFL. They also wouldn’t answer the Phone listed in “contact us” and it’s also their fax#.

I went to their chat with a rep tool and they wouldn’t except my CC directly. They wanted me to download and use the “Cash Pay App”, which doesn’t take CC’s only ATM cards. Went back to the chat thing and then they wanted me to change it to the “Zelle Pay App”, they also don’t take CC’s just ATM’s. I told him over the chat thing if he wanted to sell the gun to call me, and a man with an extremely heavy Indian accent called me, (and there supposed to be in Montana lol). I said “give me a few mins to set it up and I’ll call you back”. I then called Kimber Firearms to see if it was a scam. They told me that “those people (Kingler Weapons aka “The Kimber Store”) were ripping a lot of people off for a lot of money. They don’t send you anything, just take your money”. Luckily they didn’t get mine, just trying to warn people. Doesn’t anybody go after these as*holes?

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 6116 Burnt Hills Drive
Phone 1 941 304 4959