Complaint Against a Service United States

Langruian Electronic Commerce Co. LTD

Advertised an ELECTRONIC toy dog for purchase on internet. Send a poorly made cheap stuffed toy with NO electronic components whatsoever. The thing was even ripped across the nose, unsafe for a child due to the obvious choking hazard. The stuffed toy was worth maybe 50 cents at most.

Of course, when I tried to contact these scamsters, the website was gone and the email bounced back. Fortunately, I purchased through Pay Pal who initially offering a 50% refund. I stood fast for a full refund including all shipping charges. I refused to give these scamsters one red cent of my money!

I am usually savvy to such things but the advertised electronic barking dog toy was so cute. I thought my granddaughter would love have it. She would have if such a toy really existed. This was clearly an intentional deceptive fraudulent enterprise. BEWARE!

Country United States
State Alabama