Complaint Against a Service United States

Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton — criminal harassment, copyright infringement

It’s been 7 years and Laura Michelle Smith of Hamilton, Ontario is still harassing TONS of people on the Internet via the following social media channels:

@DonnieG (ComplaintsBoard)
@Indigofledgling (Twitter)
@16thharmony (Twitter)
@xviilegion (Twitter)
@dangerousfrank (Twitter)
@adam_chittenden (Twitter)
/heartunmarred (Instagram)

Previous instances of theft and criminal harassment can be seen by browsing this website and googling her name.

Just want you to be happy Laura, but you keep allowing jealousy of super hot starlets to cause you to self destruct. Perhaps it’s time to focus on getting a job and not wasting your life harassing people you’re jealous of on the Internet?

Just a thought.