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Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton — hiv positive prostitute

I am filing this report in regards to Laura Michelle Smith (Laura Hamilton) from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This individual advertises her services for $49 on backpages. She operates out of her home at 29 Holly Ave in East Hamilton when her “husband” (He’s just her boyfriend.. They never married.) Emmanuel Hamilton is away and the children are sleeping.

This woman is not only a known needle drug user (heroin) in Hamilton, but she is also a well known HIV positive prostitute. I find it terrible how this individual is able to conduct business without acknowledging her situation regarding STDs to clients beforehand.

This woman is also infamous for her attacks against many young women in the Hamilton area, including but not limited to Simcoe, Townsend, Hagersville, Brantford, and Caledonia. Her list of victims has stretched far and wide, much like a certain body part of hers… Heh.

Here is the information I have on this person…

Aliases: Laura Michelle Smith, Laura Smith Hamilton, Elle Kingsley, Brianne Austin, Donnie G, Ricardo Jaye, RJ Miles, Manny Hamilton, LMSH, Laura Smith, Lochlainn Seaain O’Ruairc, Dangerousfrank, Heartunmarred.

Usernames: Dangerousfrank,, 16thharmony, donnieg, ricardo.jaye, heartunmarred, hellolittlejoys, davifoogroe, allhailmoz, XVIILegion, fromjoe2pro, cobblestonecloth, indigofledgling, theindigofledgling.

Beware of this woman and warn everyone you know.