Complaint Against a Service United States

Laura Young

They will use their circle of friends to lure people into a party where their “closer” Irma Renny Bedinot and his wife will lie to prospected “clients” about some of the investments that are to be made and will feed people lies to make them invest their savings. They will make you feel secure, confident, close,comfortable, and make you feel like you can rely on them. They are very good talkers, and they know how to lie their way out of everything, its almost like they practice twice a week. Mr. Martin Doanel then takes the money and puts it into the pump and dump companies and loses investors’ money and pretends like he lost money too. From then on “It was a bad investment, we all lost” is the only thing you will hear about your money. That’s if you’re lucky enough to get a hold of the guy, it’s always easier to get a hold of somebody when your the one giving them money then when you want money from somebody.

I was one of the unfortunate people to fall for this scam. I used to be close to Laura and she convinced me to invest with her husband and I lost $60k of my retirement savings. After losing my money, Laura started avoiding me like a plague and I haven’t talked to her in over a year. They are all a group of snakes who don’t care about anything except money. Heck, they don’t even care about their families, Stay away from those crook if you want to save your savings.

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address 36 Toronto Street Suite 1120
Phone 1 416 366 4298