Complaint Against a Service United States

LBC Auto Sales, Inc.

I visited this “car dealership” on December 28th 2020 to purchase a 2015 BMW. The “owner” approached me and told me I only had to put $2500 down payment on the car. AFTER I gave him the down payment, he told me the car wasn’t ready yet but he gave a 2000 Honda CR-V as a loaner for 3 days free of charge. On Monday he called me and told me that that the bank wouldn’t approve my application because my license is “suspended” and my downpayment would not be returned for “wasting his time.”

I’ve managed to get $1300 of my money back because I had to dispute the transaction but he still owes me $700 from my downpayment. He claims they are “fees associated with the rental car” I understand the fees but not $700 worth. I had to contact a lawyer to get my money back and I hope he is legally ready because I plan on taking it all the way if I cannot come to a resolution ASAP! This is my final attempt to retrieve funds due.

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 7355 S Texas 6
Phone 1 281-530-5032