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Legal Notice From Rick Humphrey: Physical Assault, Blatant Defamation And Suicide

On 08/31/2017, I walked out the front door of my house and was jumped by 3 people, they said I was a rapist and they read about me on your website, THEDIRTY.COM. On 9/1/2017, I walked out the door to my car being vandalized and more people screaming at me.

Never heard of you before, so I decided check out the site, googled my name and found an article on me (direct link). I’ve also included my photo I.D. and the images of me after the attack that took place as an attatchment… Now, I want to let you know directly from me the following…  I HAVE NEVER RAPED ANYONE, that’s in your published content.  I’M NOT MARRIED, that’s in your published content.  I DON’T BEAT WOMEN or FORCE THEM TO DO THINGS, never have and never will.

You guys have my HOME ADDRESS published on your page, your directly responsible for sending people to my house through your visitors and it’s only getting worse. As I type this I’m in my home living in fear to go OUTSIDE. I do have a sex case and it’s from a girl who lied about her age when I was 21 and she was 15. Her name is Catie Fawn Sagges and she got 5 OTHER GUYS the same god damn charge by doing the same god damn thing.

Now… I want you to know I am being assaulted, physically, threatened and am very depressed from this.  My car is destroyed and I have no intentions of pursuing illegal charges. I just want it to be noted in my inbox that I sent you this email in advance letting you know what you guys have allowed to happen to me, if I get hit one more time or keep having people threaten to kill me like they are, I will KILL MYSELF and the world will go on, but this article is 70% false and it’s causing people to assume the worst of me and believe F*CKING LIES!

Please take it down so this will stop… Please….

No.- nik

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