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Do not order from these people. Very bad customer service. A pure capitalistic company that will take your money anyway they can. I absolutely HATE companies like this. You know how Big companies like AT&T, Sprint, Comcast, GanderRV, etc. They do what they want because they feel like their product is unique and they will always make money. I am tired of companies treating the customer like we are doing them a favor.

I am going to make this as short as possible. What I feel should be their policy is customers should be allowed to go to the inspections. They should also give a different date as to when the inspection is going to be. Be transparent. They should give the dealership at least 24hr notice as to when they are coming, NOT 1 – 1.5 hrs notice. They should provide the dealership with a requirements list of what they need to inspect the RV. What happened with us is when the inspector got there, he saw the RV was winterized and asked the dealership about the pipes. The dealership said they were BVI water tested. So the inspector said well that should be good enough… Wait a minute didn’t I pay for a private inspection because I didn’t trust the dealership??!!! After looking up BVI testing that has nothing to do with the pipes, or the furnace. When you pay over $300 for an inspection it’s to inspect major appliances and things a novice wouldn’t know. What I got for a huge bill was, see our report below. They do send pictures and a check list of what they check along with this summary.

Front jacks on camper are electric and are operating. They are not an electronic jack system that self levels. Lighting in camper is incandescent, not LED’s. There is a thin piece of aluminum next to the bed in master bedroom. It is glued to the floor. Looks like something was covering it at one time, maybe an end table. The floor under is solid, no signs of water damage. All slide out seals are in good condition. Camper shows average wear for it’s age. All appliances are working. Slide outs go
in and out smoothly. Power awning is operational, needs cleaned. Bench seat at table has tape holding the top together. I noted some wear on the vinyl wall paper. Camper has been winterized so I was unable to check water heater, faucets or toilet. The under body panel below the front storage compartment has surface rust.

We saw all this stuff when we went to view the RV. They also said there were no issues with the condition of the tires. That was a lie. We had 2 blowouts on the way home. Actually blowouts. Not flats, but the tires blew. Good thing we were only doing 50. We had to buy all new tires. Why you ask? Because all the tires were cracked all the way around which is a clear sign of tire rot. We did not inspect the tires because. We paid for an inspection! We could have negotiated with the dealer about the tires. We have disputed payment with bank due to services not rendered. We did try and solve this with LemonSquad. I told the manager we hired you to represent us. If you could not fulfill that duty you should have called us to tell us what’s going on, because the dealership was willing to de-winterize the RV. She told me is it not their responsibility to call us and let us know… She said we can pay another 300 and something dollars and they will go back and check the water system. Then she said we can pay $150 and they would go back out. Anyway, we would have had to pay the dealership to de-winterize, which we were willing because we were motivated buyers. They already had a $500 deposit to hold. We might have been able to do it without paying because we have a good relationship with them. Point being we hired them to represent us and check the major things we know nothing about, slide, electric, furnace, etc. and they did the least amount of work in the fastest amount of time. There are tons of videos out there on how to check an RV before buying. Save yourself some money and do that instead. We know going in it was a crap shot because it could depend on how good the inspector was. We were willing to risk that, but after talking to the manager and dealing with her lies, and her attempt at manipulation, I would say run from this company. Like I said I tried to make this as short as possible, a lot more was said and done.

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