Complaint Against a Service United States


So in order to place an ad on their site they 1st want you to buy “credits” and the way they want you to do this is thru bitcoin. At 1st their page wanted a mininum of $25 in credits/aka bitcoin aka your real money. and a wk later i go to add them on i have $18 and put it into my accnt. Then they conviently say ” oh our policy has changed now… We need $100 worth of credits on your accnt so you can place an ad

And when i questioned it they said theyre policy just changed. Like really all of a sudden 1 wk or less later you want more $ just to be able to place an ad and when i askd for my money back that i had already placed in my accnt they said sorry no refunds. Like what reputable company would #1 do this in the 1st palce require $25 min to place an ad then all of a sudden change their policy to ask for $100!! are you even serious ?? and then deny you a refund. I said if you had it written anywhere whr i go to buy the credits say min $100 to be able to even post i would have seen that 1st red flag. So PLEASE BEWARE OF THESE SCAMMERS they just want to take your $$ and not be traced by using bitcoin and not credit cards in teh 1st place!!

going straight to my bank to report for sure !!!


Country United States
State California
City Pasadena
Address 429 n. Hill Ave
Phone 818 396 7512