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The following is an email I sent to Lone Mountain regarding the multiple issues: Invoice copies are available.


As we discussed, here are the invoices of all the breakdowns since I leased the 2016 PB 579. I have also attached a spreadsheet detailing the repair costs, amount covered by the warranty that I purchased, rental truck and towing costs, and the amount the down time cost me (when operating properly, the truck makes a minimum of $1, 000 a day before expenses)

The truck currently has 444, 191 miles, which is not considered middle aged for a heavy duty truck. Of course some maintenance and repair issues are to be expected with any truck, new or used. But had Lone Mountain performed due diligence in examining this truck, its mechanics could have easily detected the major defects, especially the Transmission, Exhaust Manifold, and ABS Harness. The mechanics who did the repairs told me that these faults were present at the time of lease, but were cleared by Lone Mountain. Simply put, you were aware of these defects, and you leased me the truck anyway. Here is a summary of what your deceptive business practices has cost me has cost me (see attached spreadsheet and invoices):

Repair Costs $26, 558.07 – Warranty Coverage $9805.97 = $16, 752.10

Lost Time and Truck Rental $17, 500.00

TOTAL COST: $34, 252.10

I know the lease has me bound by contract, and I have already paid for the repairs. But rest assured that I will make it my business to post this information everywhere I can to prevent other drivers from leasing trucks from Lone Mountain.

Walter Collins

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