Complaint Against a Service United States


Somerton Maine Coon in Philadelphia, PA is registered as MAINECOON62 in TICA. I bought a 9-week female Maine Coon kitten from Somerton Maine Coon on 12/19/2020. I am filling the complaint for three main reasons: (1) Somerton cattery sold me a 9-week kitten with serious ringworm. (2) Somerton cattery promised the kitten to be polydactyl but the kitten is not. (3) Somerton cattery gave the wrong cat exam and failed to provide the blood tests which violated the healthy condition in contract.

On 12/19/2020, I received the kitten and found she kept scratching herself to bleed. She had a blood spot on her head, many spots on her back, tails and feet. On 12/23/2020, I took the kitten to the vet exam. The report stated the kitten had upper respiratory infection and underweight problems. The kitten’s Ringworm PCR Panel result came out on 2/26/2020 showing positive for ringworm. Somerton Maine Coon was aware of the ringworm issue among their cats but did not mention anything until I told them the ringworm exam result. The kitten was too young and suffered a lot of pain from the ringworm treatment.

At the time I saw the kitten post on Somerton cattery’s Facebook page, she was said to be a polydactyl. I confirmed with the breeder that she was MCP(polydactyl) before making the deposit. Obviously, the breeder made the mistake and the kitten is a regular cat.

When I asked for the kitten’s deworm report, the breeder told me that they made a mistake and had sent me a wrong exam report which was from another kitten. Also, they failed to provide the blood tests as stated in the contract.

I asked Somerton cattery for a partial refund due to ringworm treatment bills and not-polydactyl. She replied with angry messages. Finally we agreed on a $300 refund. However, after I had sent them a letter where I released my claim against Somerton, they broke their promise for refund. The breeder stated that they have void all the contract and warranty. Moreover, the cattery talked offensively when discussing the cat health and ringworm issue. This really shocked me!

I am filing the complaint and hope all cat lovers think carefully before you consider a cat from such cattery. Due to the word limit, I couldn’t write all I wanted to say. I am more than happy to send a full statement, email records, etc.

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address 728 Selmer Road
Phone 267 577 0300