Cheaters Complaint Against A Cheater

marva ahmad aka marva yasmin an online and offline scammer and abuser and time waster

Marva Ahmad is a man or woman and abuser from Barrow Alaska and can also additionally be residing in East Elmhurst, Queens. I at first met Marva Ahmad and that led to organization as it grew. She fashions and I consider she is an actress. She is in all likelihood 24 years historical at the time of the posting.

Marva Ahmad is all about business. She would make pals with you and later on favor to lease you when she sees you are an professional at something. She would choose that shape of appreciation from me and others then leave them excessive and dry later on.

Marva Ahmad doesn’t care about your side of the deal or how to aid you in return. She is in it absolutely to benefit. She can additionally even use you to be in fee of property then keep you to blame if some thing goes wrong. Marva Ahmad Doesn’t even care if it is an inveonceineience for you to go all the way to meet her. She can additionally educate you to meet her then bait and swap you to doing some difficulty else. she with the aid of no functionality reimbursed me one time for some aspect and doesn’t care how it financially affects me.

Marva Ahmad Is a thirst entice to many enterprise men so it is recommended to be careful when dealing with her when it comes to employment and or some trouble else to do with her.

I labored with Marva Ahmad too! She is now no longer have self assurance worthy. Marva Ahmad will have a appear at your business and replica it and does not care of repercussions. Get mad at Marva Ahmad? She will threaten you with criminal movement to silence you. She is too much.

I labored with her too on the east coast. Marva Ahmad aka Marva Yasmine or Marva Yasmine is now not to be trusted. She is too friendly and its a gimmick actually to examine from you how to make cash online. To hire you or to partner up with you is a complete giant gimmick certainly to get from you whatever you be conscious of in business. Marva Ahmad aka Marva Yasmine or Marva Yasmine intends to steal commercial enterprise agency change secrets and techniques and strategies even if you go all the way to each and each specific u . s . a . absolutely to meet up for personal alleviation consisting of private things with no upfront payment. I gave her many instances to clear it all up however she has no longer even admitted to doing anything. Things can get all cleared out she blew these probabilities too. Anyone that wishes to work with Marva Ahmad aka Marva Yasmine or Marva Yasmine beware!!!

Also Marva Yasmin or (real name: Marva Ahmad) scammed my buddy in a advertising commercial enterprise thought taking him to many hotels and areas all on his dime now no longer on her dime. Marva Yasmin or (real name: Marva Ahmad) solely intends to rip money off of you. Marva Yasmin or (real name: Marva Ahmad) of route will now not care if you are restricted on cash however as quickly as she finds out she will go away you for more profitable human beings in any enterprise she works with. Marva Yasmin or (real name: Marva Ahmad) is now now not trustworthy. Marva Yasmin or (real name: Marva Ahmad) fails to contact me to unravel this so i will maintain giving updates as rapidly as i have them on the Marva Yasmin or (real name: Marva Ahmad) issue.

If marva ahmad aka marva yasmin or marva yasmine wishes matters cleared she will contact me thru digital mail or smartphone to make it right. I have now now no longer in my opinion spoke to her on the grounds that early 2017. I have contacts marva ahmad aka marva yasmin or marva yasmine desires to speak with however she is loosing acces to them until she chooses to accept as true with me again. She is aware of who i am and i did speak with her in my opinion until early 2017.

marva ahmad aka marva yasmin has exceptional matters coming. I used to be the intern for marva ahmad aka marva yasmin. And she even an internship in rego park queens even one point had me do a go for her in newark, new jersey with her particular need for the use of uber. Not buddies with her as of 2017 even have given her chances to available things up. I sooner or later misplaced money and got screwed over. Now that she is aware of who i am she have to contact me to make it right.

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