Complaint Against A Cheater United States

MD Webber

This surgeon claims to sale prosthetics cheaper than what your insurance or Medicare covers for post surgery garments and breast prosthesis. Asks for cash or check payments for sub standard products he claims are better than certified products and does not explain that medicare and insurance actually covers the cost of the post surgery garments and the prosthetics in most if not all cases. He has no legally certified fitters on staff and therefore should not be selling post surgical garments and prosthetic products.

His boutique manager used to work at the only actual boutique in the area where she has been seen by other patients at since reviewing products to help set up his boutique to appear more legitimate when he is selling non conforming non fitted products out of a closet that he has ordered online. Patients Beware!! Do your research if he does your surgery. Ask to see his staffs certified fitter credentials as well as his retail sales business license and check to see if he has ever had a malpractice suit filed against him. This behavior suggests a failing business desperate to make money from unsuspecting patients who do not know their insurance covers what they need. Again, Patients beware!!

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Knoxville
Address 10810 Parkside Drive Suite 310
Phone 1 865-343-0213