Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Media Coverage

I received this email message first from this Piece of Sh*t named Roberto Liccardo: So, i said okay let’s try it out and it was just a scam to send me several more emails with promises to have my Press release published in Forbes and USA Today for $8500.

I contacted them to see was this all legit and their email: contact@mediacoverage doesn’t even work and the number listed is disconnected 415-655-1029 the email ANA@GOODNOON.COM doesn’t work either

The email is his second email way to try and hustle you with no actual proof of his claims!!! So, i realized the bait and switch hustle they have really found someone that is tired of scammers like them!!!

It is just a one man with multiple emails trying to scam people needing press out of their hard earn money!! DON’T FALL FOR IT!!!! MEDIACOVERAGE.COM IS A 100% INTERNET PRESS RELEASE SCAM!!!

FREE! – Your Press Release distributed to over 200 top media including Google News

Thanks for signing up for our program! While we look into journalists interested in publishing your story, we’d like to write to distribute a press release on your behalf free of charges.

This will be distributed to over 200 top sites (including CBS, CW, Fox & NBC affiliated station websites) and it will be published among the others on Google News, DigitalJournal and StarTribune.

Delivery time: 1 week.

Delivery report provided: Yes.

This 100% free! Please reply to this email attaching with your press release and I will go ahead publishing it.

Country United States
State California
Phone 415 655 1029