Complaint Against a Service United States

Michael Hilton Kent

I dated Mike Kent in 1991. I was divorced with a little boy. He was handsome, and seemed to be motivated business wise and even went to church with me. . He told me that he was buying a home in Buckhead and the closing was coming up and he was short some down payment money but that he would be able to pay me back from a commission he had coming just shortly after the closing. I had him sign a promisory note (which was dated Feb. 14,1991) Weeks went by and no repayment. I began to get nervous as $6,000.00 was a vast amount of money to me as a single mom – especially in 1991. I asked about the money and he began excuses . I broke off seeing him and filed a lawsuit in Fulton County : Civil Action # 91V835619-H.

He filed bankruptcy Case #A91-81923-JB In the United States Bankruptcy Court

I never received a dime in repayment.

Do not allow this very clever con man into your life, heart, business, wallet.

Country United States
State Georgia
City Alpharetta