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Michaels started promoting rewards points for purchases if you have signed up for their rewards card, to earn money towards a future purchase. However, you only get points on specific promotions that you have to activate, and not ALL purchases.

That’s ridiculous. ACMoore Rewards used to offer points on every purchase, as along as you signed up for the rewards card. The way Michaels is offering rewards, a customer could theoretically spend $1, 000.00 in the store and get NO rewards because what they bought wasn’t part of the promotion, or they didn’t activate the deal on their card. That’s just not fair.

If they want to keep customers, offering rewards points on ALL purchases would encourage more sales. I won’t even bother with it because what they’re offering points on are things I don’t buy.

I was a long-time ACMoore customer, and only started going to Michaels after they closed down. They were a much better store in terms of prices and rewards. I miss them.

Michaels needs to step up and do better if they want to keep customers. Just because one of their heavy competitors is gone, that doesn’t mean they are the only craft store out there.

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