Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Millionaire Search

Absolute Bachelor Club / Millionaire Search ( same business and owner ). I am totally disappointed in the fact that you have used stock photos and created fake profiles of wealthy men seeking women on your Instagram. This is totally misleading to women like me that would then contact you to see if we would have a chance to connect with these profiles and then you say we are too late and they are taken. And I pray Google investigates my claim. I actually did a reverse photo search by Google on each of the photos you posted claiming to be single men and everyone was from iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, or AdobeStock.

You as a business owner and matchmaker you should have at least some kind of standard and integrity to know right from wrong! I am not making this up. How can you run a misleading business and website like this to break hearts when we are living in times of isolation due to a pandemic and you just want to rake in money and just assign us to leftovers in your empty database. No testimonies, no facts, and now fake profiles of men! If it wasn’t for one of your Instagram followers that tagged me to avoid your company, thank the Lord.

I am shaken to the core of what I researched today. I intend to report you to the better business bureau if you do not stop this.

When matchmaking couples, HONESTY & RELIABILITY is what we are trusting you with and you just did the most unholy, lied to us all. I have no idea how you can not see that this is totally wrong on all levels. You are not human Natacha Noel and have no excuses for such a lie and deception to all the women and men that wanted to put our hearts in your hands. It’s one thing to use stock photos to promote a business which is normal, but you took it to another level. People, please do your background check like me before you get scammed. One more thing, the address she has in Canada is not there either, it’s all cloak and dagger. I only found this site on Google search to make this report and saw that some else did the same a few years ago

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 5 Pennsylvania Plaza, 23rd Floor
Phone 1-844-728-7979