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Steff Zhang @MJ&Steff tried to charge me $100 for a simple demand letter. I found out the market rate for the demand letter is $30-$60. The problem is even a lawyer-written demand letter often does not exceed $60. And she’s not even a lawyer–she’s a final year law student–and she tried to charge me f*cking $100 for it. WTF?

When I challenged her pricing, this is the email responses I got:

“Look buddy. Tried to tell you this nicely but you’re obviously not getting the message. You knew that I was not a lawyer. I have conveyed this to you several times. If you want one, find one. Good luck finding one for $300.

There’s a reason law school is expensive. There’s a reason why legal advice costs money. Likewise, there’s a reason for seasoned writers with experience to charge the rates they do. If you can’t pay for it, don’t ask for it.

If you want me to write anything ever again, my rates will start from $500 per word and go up to $10,000.” “Lmao glhf”.

This is not how you would respond to your client, especially to those who purchased the service from you before. Extremely, extremely unprofessional response.

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