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I have visited the castleford Morrison’s today 20-10-2020 around 8:30 ish and I have been appalled by the customer service in this shop,
I went to the till to buy some vodka I am 25 years of age, and I was with my friend who is 26 years, I had my id but my friend did not have hers, i was the one paying for the vodka so still get confused at why two people need ID, anyhow the lady behind the till known to me as Shelly Lawson knows exactly who me and my friend are on a personal basis and still after I said “you know who I am” she refused to serve me (me with the id) and told me her job was on the line, now how can her job be on the line when I showed her my I’d And she knows who we Are, absoloute shambles and this vodka is £15.99 on offer in Morrison’s and £20 elsewhere I then had to go pay full price from Asda who would serve me without an issue, I also had to pay £1 for some sausage rolls I can get for £0.88p in at Morrison’s stores so thanks to the stupidity of her actions I am now down £4.13p today. I am not happy! Also the rest of the staff members made my friend feel very uncomfatble as they stood in a huddle Near the exit making her feel she was in the wrong!

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