Complaint Against a Service United States

Moving Kings

If you want to spend 11 hours and pay $1,400+ for a small apartment move and be left with a damaged home, damaged items, and additional expenses to repair their path of destruction, this is the moving company for you.

I have spent the last 40 days dealing with this company and trying to get resolution on my move that took 11 hours for a small two bedroom apartment, moving 7 minutes away, that was estimated to take no more than 5 hours. Not only did it take over 11 hours, it was not fully completed, items were damaged, the house where I moved was damaged, and one item in particular, a marble dining table. Still trying to work through things with them, they came out to repair the gouge in the table and I am now left with an entirely ruined table, and a driveway filled with chemical stains where they performed the work. Kourtney was working through things with me initially, and then completely quit responding. I then contacted Jesse, the owner, and he seemed to be willing to work with me after I filed a complaint with the BBB, we agreed upon resolution, and he now is completely unresponsive.

The lack of follow through and response and total disregard from Moving Kings has taken it from just being a poor move that could have been made right, to nothing short of fraud. By definition, fraud is a crime of getting money by deceiving people. I would say that is a very appropriate description of my experience with this company.

Country United States
State Kansas
City Overland Park
Address 9393 W 110th St
Phone 1 913-882-2121