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Muscogee County School District

On her Linken profile she tries to make herself out to be a driven, successful educator. She was a living nightmare to anyone that worked with her and a total b…h in every sense of the word. In fact if you looked up the definition of b…h in the dictionary it SHOULD have her name next to it.

What Vickers doesn’t tell you is that she had a nightmare of a reputation in the Hillsborough School District/Tampa, FL. The local teachers union in Tampa, FL had a very crude name to describe her that I would never repeat in public. The rumor was that the teachers union also had a file on her that was quite lengthy. She was with the district in Tampa, FL for years and worked her way up from an aide. Vickers knew everyone and literally got away with murder. I was once warned at a district function by a co-worker when I mentioned an incident at work, to be careful because you have no idea who Vickers knows and what she can do. The same teacher told me that she was stuck at the same school she was at because she was tenured, but couldn’t move because Vickers didn’t like her.

When I knew Vickers she was the Principal at Sligh Middle School in Hillsborough County, Florida, one of the largest school districts in the country. Sligh Middle School was the lowest rated of the over 200 schools in the Hillsborough District.

I was told by another teacher whose husband was a Principal at another school in Tampa that before going to Sligh Middle School, Vickers had been the Principal of Monroe Middle Magnet School and that the school dropped several lettter grades during Vickers tenure as Principal. I was told that Sligh Middle School was her punishment and that the staff at Monroe Middle Magnet were overjoyed to see her go, which seems to be the sentiment wherever the instrument of evil known as Angela Vickers goes.

After Sligh Middle School, Vickers was the Principal at Tampa North Alternative School, a step down from ever Sligh Middle School, if that’s possible. After that, Vickers has some meaningless jobs doing employee relations or some nonsense with the Hillsborough School District. My guess is that she was given a meaningless job because she had been there too long to fire her and the district was waiting for her to leave.

I don’t know how Vickers got a job with the Muscogee School District in Columbus, GA except that it was because of who she knows. I think Vickers lights have originally been from Georgia. We are so much better with Angel Vickers in Florida. I can only feel sorry for her colleagues in Georgia.

Angela Vickers is evil personifified. Just wicked, mean, nasty, and egotistical to the core. She is more of a horrible woman than words can even describe.

BEWARE OF THE NARCISSTIC POS KNOWN AS ANGELA VICKERS. Run far from this woman. Angela Vickers is not you’re friend. Angela Vickers is a friend to nobody. Vickers only cares about herself.

Country United States
State Georgia
City Columbus
Address 2960 Macon Rd
Phone 1 706-748-2000

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