Complaint Against a Service United States

The name of the Company in Costa Rica is the front Shell. Using the costa Rican company, they illegally issued 800%++ loan to us. Once collected, funds were swept into a Gainesville, Florida company, then illegally changed into a Puerto Rica company that looks to be for not paying tax. 

All of our accounts have been drained. Please read – Class action is being formed against Strategic Group aka

We took a $500 loan out on Nov. 16th, 2019. We have been making payments of $200 twice a month since (16 total payments). Totaling $3200. My husband checked our balance on the website and still pays the full amount of $650. I sent support a message. I contacted the company they claim I still owe them $650. I asked how is this possible, and then my thought changed to “how is this legal.” It is NOT! Here’s our story from that day forward, we contacted a family lawyer who advised us to contact several agencies that she helped us with. After she helped us secured all of our email messages, phone calls, bank records, and chat logs, we were able to help provide this information to the federal government. Almost 24 hours later, we got contacted by a federal attorney who wanted to go over all of the information we sent in. We are posting everywhere we can.

Country United States
State Florida
City Gainesville
Phone (888) 269-2303