Complaint Against a Service United States

Stay far away from the owner is very rude and unprofessional. He sent my item to the wrong address and he got upset that i called him about it. I was being every bit of polite and patient but he just went crazy on me. I asked him can he fix it because i sent him $240 and he said dont call him anymore. I did not understand why because i had done absolutely nothing. I was actually a customer of this company for a while but he did not care he just didnt want to replace it and fix his mistake. He cursed me out all in my email and told me f*ck you im not sending you sh*t.

I told him ok you want to play games thats fine. He responded saying dont threaten me. “Since you make threats i am reporting you to law enforcement”. I didnt make one threat. I was simply saying i am going to reverse my transaction if he is not willing to fix his mistake. He went on to say how sorry im going to be once the feds get my information. This is absolutely ridiculous. He refuses to respond. I have all my chatlogs and my statement as well as the tracking number that they gave me that went to a whole different city. Be careful with this one guys.

He threatened to report me to law enforcement because he was incompetent and didnt want to fix his own mistake. When you call he has a really nasty attitude as well. I dont know whats his deal or why hes so miserable but play at your own risk you’ve been warned. There’s plenty other press companies that do legit solid business that are actually cheaper. STAY AWAY FROM MYVITAMINPRESS.COM!

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Stratford
Address Po Box 764
Phone 203-913-1608