Complaint Against a Service United States

NouVee Skin Cream

I was scrolling through my internet and directly to me was a Postal Service Survey that claimed it needed a woman’s response and it would take just a few minutes of time. And, for my participation, I would have my choice of a gift valued over $100. Well I thought I was doing something that would help keep the Postal Service viable. At the end of the survey the choices automatically appeared. I chose the Nauvee Skin Serum. When I went to pay just shipping it automatically added an eye cream; for additional charge.

I called to let them know I was not interested in the eye creme for ANY additional charge. The representative I spoke with assured me he would cancel my sale. As a prepared to pay my bills, I discovered there were pending charges of $87.43 and another pending charge for $89.65 for a total of $177.08!! To me, that’s $200!! I still had bills to pay! I submitted a fraud claim to my credit union hoping they can help me. Please know that NOUVEE, NOUVEAU OR NOVELLE Skin Care is a Straight Up Scam!

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Phone 1-833-270-7728