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I placed an order for TWO units 8/21. I paid extra for express processing because I live in CA and the sky was filled with smoke and ash. Plus I have dogs and suffer from mild asthma. Sounded like a great plan to own two of these air purifying units.
8/21 Order Placed via phone to TV infomercial phone number 8/22 Capital One Credit Card company emailed me to state there was a Pending Hold on a charge in the amount of $1329.72 8/22 Capital One texted me to ask if I had placed an order for $1329.72

I responded YES
8/23 Charge for $1329.72 appeared on my credit card statement. Not as a “HOLD” but as a “TRANSACTION” Absolutely ZERO communication from this unprofessional company. No email confirming my order. No email confirming shipment. No email confirming delivery. No product delivered.
10/19 12:06 pm PST: First Call: (877) 689-2838 Ref:Order #116089 Was told that my order was “On Hold due to the large amount of the order”. Spent 10 minutes explaining that NUWAVE had processed and received my $1329.72 but that I had never received the product. I was finally transferred to the “Escalation” department. Was on hold for over 40 minutes. Phone was never answered.

12:45 pm PST Second Call: Complained that I had been on hold for 40 minutes and need resolution. I requested a full refund. It was annoyingly explained to me, yet again, that my order was “On Hold due to dollar amount of order” and that he would email me a form to authorize the payment AND he would give me $50.00 off for my inconvenience. I explained that there was no “HOLD” on my funds.
My cc statement reflected the payment. I demanded a full refund. He finally understood and stated that he would send me an email confirming the “refund to my card” within 20 minutes. He then told
me he was going to give me a confirmation number for my refund. He gave me my original order number! How can a refund request have the same confirmation number as the original order?!

2:23 pm PST THIRD CALL: Same stupid response. I explained the whole story, yet again, and asked why I hadn’t received the promised email. He said that he could see that the order had been canceled. I requested an email confirming that I would be receiving a full refund. He then proceeded to tell me that I was calling the wrong phone number and no one in that department could email. He
suggested putting me through to the bogus “Escalation Department” that never answers the phone and probably doesn’t even exist. I told him not to bother but he said the department was in the same building and he knew there were two people handling escalations. He put me on hold and came back two minutes later to tell me “I am so sorry, the department just closed”. Seriously? At
2:30 in the afternoon California time?! Their operators are available to take calls for orders 24/7 but now that I want a full refund the hours are extremely limited with only two people handling calls/

I am now waiting (apparently) for a call from a senior supervisor.
These business practices are suspect to say the least.

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