Complaint Against a Service United States

Ohana Car Detailing, LLC.

Ohana Car Detailing (OCD) did not give me what I was promised. They are not keeping their part of the verbal contract. The 2017 Silverado was delivered to Kamuela Unga, the owner, who promised that the vehicle paint correction and ceramic coating professionaly as promised. I picked up my truck at night where it was impossible to see the work, looked good, and because I was referred to him by my son, I trusted that the outcome would be satisfactory. I parked my vehicle at home and left it there, and went on with my busy life.

The next day, walking out the garage, I noticed on the left rear door a mark that was seen before taking my truck to Ohana Car Detailing was still on the door. I took a closer look, and it was a mark that I remembered from months before taking my vehicle to Ohana Care. It was saliva from my dog that had baked on to the door from the sun. I immediately contacted Kamuela Unga about the situation, and he refused to acknowledge what I was telling him. Kamuela Unga started defending his craft and his crew’s workmanship, stating that they take great pride in their work. Whatever I was telling him could not be true, further pushing that he has videos and pictures of the car before working on the vehicle.

I tried to respond to Mr. Unga, but at one point, he stops replying and even stops answering my calls. So, I decided to drive down to his location to talk with him in person. When I was at Oahan Car Detailing, I spoke with Mr. Unga personally. I pointed out the dog saliva to Mr. Unga. He responded with I do remember this mark. I thought it was a scratch. Mr. Onga answered that we did not want to damage the paint, but we will take care of it. Besides missing the dog saliva on the door, they also did not complete the paint correction by touching up all the paint chips on the front of the vehicle. Also, a couple of buffing burn marks on one door and fender; the paint shop stated that it was from overheating paint when buffing with a polisher. Mr. Unga acknowledged all of these issues and took full responsibility for fixing them.

I decided to give Ohana Car Detailing the opportunity to make right on their mistakes. Mr. Unga and I set a date for December 26th, 2020, to bring in my truck to make corrections, and Mr. Unga also offered to clean all glass of water spots and do a tire/rim cleaning at no additional charge. Two weeks after our verbal agreement, Mr. Unga from Ohana Car Detailing sends a lengthy email describing our conversation taken out of context and how he will refund my money. With the refunded money, I can get my truck repaired and fixed by a professional.

Country United States
State Hawaii
Address 740 MO’OWA’A ST UNIT C
Phone 808-382-1441