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OnTrac — Shipment “Delivered” but never received | OnTrac

I commented on a post that had the same issue but I want to put my complaint out there as well.

I had a package that was shipped 4 days ago. I had to call customer service every day since then. They said the driver would go back to back track to where they left the package before 5pm. I call them this morning they said they we’re just about to call me back because they found out more information 30 minutes ago. To only find out that they had a negative response. The package was no where to be found. Why would it take them 2 days to go back when I had called them the same day when I get notifications on my phone that alerts me when my shipments are “delivered” I wouldn’t be surprised if the driver stole it because I live in small community and we all know each other.

My package was from a teen store, Forever 21 and I had ordered my teenage kids a bunch of clothes which totaled up to $400!

Anyone who uses OnTrac to ship needs to stop using this company.

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