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To whom it may concern,

My name is Brenda Speciale-Napier, in January 2020, I started looking for a much needed mattress. I purchased a mattress from Ortho Mattress in Cerritos California on Jan 19th (Entice PT Mattress). Invoice # 34-46373. On January 24 the mattress was delivered. With in 3 months the mattress started to cave in on both sides. I contacted Ortho and they sent out a inspector from Integrated Bedding group on September 18. It was noted he found the mattress has caved in by 3/4 inch. On September 25th I received a denial letter stating the warrant only covers it if the bed is 1inch or more defective. I mailed a letter to the CEO Kenneth Karmin regarding my complaint. I received a phone call from Letty at the Cerritos Ortho location. She agreed and said she would replace the mattress with a new and gave me a complete credit. All I had to do is go pick one out for the same price or pay the difference for a new one. And so I did! On October 15 a delivery of my new mattress, they brought in my house a mattress that was wrapped the same way he wrapped my old mattress. Was I really getting a new one, or was it used? I’ve bought many mattresses in my life, and they have all come sealed in plastic, not wrapped and taped, like this one did.The delivery company came and wrapped my old mattress in plastic, and took outside. The delivery guy told me there was a stain on it, I requested him to unwrap it and let me inspect it, he said no and there’s nothing he can do. I needed to call Ortho and tell them. I called at 9:40 and spoke with Linda, she stated she could’ve override many because the driver said there was a stain. I requested for management to call me. At 10:04 I received a call from Letty at Ortho mattress in Cerritos, I explained to her the driver declined me seeing the stain, and I had my husband, my neighbor and myself look for this so called stain, ( witch I use a very expensive mattress pad) and we couldn’t find any stain. Letty said she would send another inspector out. The appointment is scheduled for Oct 20th.

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