Complaint Against a Service

Mobil Lube Express

I went to this place for about years for timely oil changes and maintenance – always according to their sticker schedule. Not once did they tell me that I had bad oil leaks and a growing transmission problem.

They looked at my car’s engine over and over again and said nothing. Not even a ‘we don’t fix that here but you might want to check it out.’

Like it was a secret. Now I am facing $4500 in repairs. The workers smile and are professional – and move quickly.

But like a fast food place, the Kensington Mobil is bad for your car. Avoid and go to a real mechanic who will tell what is going on with your car.

(301) 962-9300
10635 Connecticut Ave Kensington, MD 20895

Complaint Against a Service

Reliable Movers Enterprise

I have never in my life experienced a more unprofessional and deceitful service, which included terrible communication, multiple lies, and broken promises,

2 out of 3 missed jobs, and being charged $100 for a job that never occurred. Please let me explain below, and I absolutely DO NOT recommend anyone use this company.

My experience with Reliable Movers started off well. They showed up on time, helped with a load in, and did a great job. They brought an additional man at no extra charge.

We got along well, and I tipped a generous 40% because of my satisfaction. It was all downhill from there.

I had also reserved a load out at our new location, and I received confirmation from Eric, who runs Reliable Movers, in-person that he would be able to do the job. 2 hours in advance of the job I try to contact him, per his request, but cannot get through.

I eventually get in touch with his assistant who says his phone has died. 40 minutes after the job is supposed to start he texts saying he’s still working on another job.

He doesn’t respond to multiple calls and texts asking if and when he may arrive. Fast forward 3 hours after the job was supposed to start, and I finally receive a text from him saying they’re done with the other job and prefer to come tomorrow to help since they’re exhausted.

I say okay, and we confirm he’ll come between 11 am and 12 pm the next day. Of note, not once did Eric apologize for his error. Also, we had to do the load out ourselves,

taking all night. Tomorrow’s job would be an additional job for extra stuff we had. At this point, I am very upset, but I understand sometimes mistakes are made,

and I am willing to give Eric another chance. I thought he was well-meaning. I also did not have much of a choice because it was going to be Sunday and there was no easy way for me to hire other help on such short notice on late Saturday night.

Sunday comes and by 12:45 pm with no word from Eric, it starts to become pretty obvious he is not coming. He does not respond to multiple texts or calls to his cell phone.

I also find in my email from Moving Help and on the website that I was charged $100 for the job Eric was supposed to do the previous night but never did. I eventually find the number of his business, listed on Moving Help, which he answers.

He says he is at another job but that they’ll be there to help “no later than 2:45 pm.” And he says he didn’t know I was charged the $100 and that we would deal with it when he shows up. I am justifiably skeptical but needed whatever help I could get, so I crossed my fingers.

You can guess how this ends. He never shows up and does not respond to any more texts. And I never received an apology, and my $100 charge was never dealt with.

This is theft. Not to mention the U-Haul I rented got charged double time because, without help, it took me all day and night to finish the job. And my wife also was unable to work the whole weekend when she needed to be.

So Reliable Movers screwed me in multiple ways: by not showing up for jobs, by continually lying, by taking $100 of my dollars for a job that never occurred, by putting me in a situation

where I had to pay more for a rental truck, by putting my wife in a bad situation at work, and by putting me in a situation where I couldn’t hire more help at the last minute.

This is a completely unacceptable way for a business to be run. And the fact I never even received a simple apology is astounding. In my line of business, and in any,

the right thing to do when you make an error is to apologize and admit your mistake. That goes a long way to address the client’s anger.

The generous interpretation of this event is that Eric is a well-meaning, young entrepreneur but was in over his head with too much business and did not know how to professionally handle it (i.e., apologize to his client and say he will not be able to make it).

The cynical interpretation is Eric was stringing me along for business he truly knew he could not deliver and then tried to pull a fast one on me for a free $100. Perhaps we will never know the real truth.

(703) 495-7005

Complaint Against a Service

U-Pack Moving

The guys at the depot /terminal were great.  I loaded my stuff there and needed to leave it stored in the trailer for a few weeks while I looked for an apartment at my destination.

However, when I did finally find one and called up ABF UPack to get it moving, it took 6 days from when I called them to actually get it to leave the terminal there.  As a result, I had to spend those extra 6 days living in an apartment with absolutely nothing in it.

I’d also like to warn people that unlike moving locally, using UPack it’s very easy to unwittingly pack your stuff in such a way that it rubs in transit and suffers significant damage.

I had a couch that got messed up the first time and several pieces of wood furniture (that were packed poorly by movers) that were damaged the second time. You really can’t be too careful in how you pack your stuff.

Besides those issues, the prices are pretty good and your stuff does show up.  Next time I might just go with a dedicated mover like Mayflower or something though so I can blame them if anything gets damaged in transit.

(800) 491-2963

7850 Wallingford Dr. Manassas, VA 20109

Complaint Against a Service

Trivett Mechanica

Don’t ever use this company!  New system installed in April I’ve had to call them 3 times to repair it and still not fixed.

Called again today, Dwayne said he would come to check it out and still waiting, 3 hours later.  This company is shady AF.

They are negligent knowing there is a baby in the home and refusing to correctly fix the unit.

If you want a knowledgeable contractor to install your HVAC system don’t call these people.

703) 335-5407


Sears Appliance Repair

I responded to an email a few days ago, and have not heard back from Sears.  To make matters worse, I contacted the Customer Service Escalation group this morning (just now at 8:30) and the representative handling my call transferred me to a supervisor.

The supervisor indicated that she could set up an appointment, but that the “local” group doing the work might cancel the order.  She has no control over them canceling the order.

We paid the initial $ 99 fee (have the receipt to prove it) to have the problem assessed (needed new motor on ice maker).   Next appointment the person came without the motor and tried to charge $ 99 again.

We said “no”, we already had the assessment – come back with the motor and we’ll pay you to install that. The first two technicians said it needed a new motor but the 3rd (who again did not come with the replacement part) told us we needed a new freezer door to the tune of $1800.00.  The refrigerator is only old.

So as I questioned the supervisor this morning on how she could set up a call and then have it canceled by others, she insisted she could do nothing more and then mid-conversation she just hung up on me.

Absolutely unbelievable.   This was the 8th attempt at getting this done.  Each time we waited through a 4-hour window and no one came even though we had a confirmation email.

We just had new double ovens from sears installed in our house two weeks ago, we have the fridge (of course) from sears, washer, and dryer from Sears, a dishwasher from Sears.   This will have to be our last purchase from Sears unless we get some real action in the next couple of days.

I had recently heard on a radio program that the customer service at Sears and Kmart was “in the tank”.   I did not believe it, but I guess I am seeing it firsthand.

(844) 775-8594

6411 Riggs Rd Hyattsville, MD 20782


C & D Auto Service Center

I brought my car in for trouble with the AC and a loud humming sound under the hood. He told me that I needed the thermostat replaced and new fan which would be $1000 and that I also needed a new AC compressor which would be another $1000.

I had just had the thermostat replaced two weeks before!!! I had the paperwork to prove it. Either he doesn’t know what he’s doing or he’s dishonest.

Here’s the kicker… When I told him what my problem was over the phone he said both issues were related. When I brought the car in he changed his tune.

And can you believe that is the exact same thing the Mercedes dealership said? The two issues were actually related and it ended up costing me only $800 to take care of BOTH issues.

(301) 699-0001

5100 College Ave College Park, MD 20740

Complaint Against a Service

Rossi’s Automotive Service

I have been to Rossi’s about 5 times now. Each time they call themselves fixing an issue, shortly after I have yet another issue going on with the car. I asked Rod and his partner to do a thorough look into the vehicle and yet I am still having issues with the car.

Most recently I followed up with them on an issue they were supposed to have fixed and what I don’t understand is, if you call yourselves “experts” on these model cars, you can stand there and talk to me in my face and throw at me all

your car knowledge, yet when I allow you to “fix” an issue, why wouldn’t you look into replacing the pipe that supports the piece you are replacing??? So I can keep coming back to you and waste money on labor right?

It makes no sense for you to do a half ass job and not think to replace a supporting piece or at the very least mention it to me.

They are out for money as oppose to providing honest customer service.  I have spent so much money so far on them. I am taking my car to another place, hopefully, they will be more honest and considerate of the customer.

(301) 495-0188

903 Selim Rd Silver Spring, MD 20910


Access Now Urgent Care

I went in and saw the newer NP. I called to reschedule and they said I couldn’t because no one would be in to administer the test I needed

(though the NP I saw was talking about what time he was coming in the next day)
and they asked me if I could come in earlier instead. The NP I saw was fine but you could tell he was new.

My biggest problem with this is they misdiagnosed me and gave me antibiotics that caused me to be extremely nauseous and throw up. They knew I never had this medicine before but didn’t give me any warning regarding potential side effects.

I had to make another appointment with my regular doctor for a follow-up and she couldn’t believe the misdiagnosis and oversight on their end. The place was very clean though, so that was good.

(301) 200-2230

11406 F Georgia Ave Wheaton, MD 20902

Complaint Against a Service

National Center for Advanced Pelvic Surgery

Patient of Doctor Lee Ann Richter, and scheduled for urine tests. Without warning, these sensitive tests were performed by a brutal nurse who treated my genital area roughly like a piece of meat,

using no lubricant with catheters and in general being insensitive. The room and equipment area doing the tests also did not seem clean from the last patient.

The doctor came in briefly at the end and talked only while I was in stirrups. All over, it was a  very painful, disturbing experience.

In addition, both times I have been there for genital exams, I was asked to allow male medical students to watch, and it was assumed I would allow it. I had to ask them to leave.

(202) 877-6526

106 Irving St NW Washington, DC 20010 at N Kenyon St

Complaint Against a Service

Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

I purchased ICE tickets for the family and days later received an email there was a sale that announced a 40% discount for these tickets.  When I called to ask about the possibility of a difference refund I was told all sales are final.

I could understand this if it was days before the event and there was a drive to sell those tickets remaining, but 3 months ahead?

Beware….wait and see, don’t buy until later.  This hotel is not 100% interested in customer service, just the bottom line.

(301) 965-4000
201 Waterfront St National Harbor, MD 20745