Complaint Against a Service

Andrea Lafontaine — Regina, Canada

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Complaint Against a Service

1 Stop Mechanical

Hot Water heater stopped working.  Diagnostic code blinking 5 times indicating a thermal sensor is defective and needs to be replaced. My brother contacted 1 Stop Mechanical per reviews/rating on HomeAdvisor’s site.

John and Chris from 1 Stop arrive to troubleshoot the problem. John removes the burner assembly and tells me he needs to go to the warehouse to see if the sensor is available.  States it will take approx. 45mins round trip.

~50mins after John and Chris leave, I receive a call from my brother.  John from 1 Stop called him and provided the following options:
1. John stating there are 2 damaged parts – only one is in stock.  He can install the burner assembly with the 1 new part and by-pass the other broken part to get the water heater functioning.  States it will be 2 – 2  1/2 hours of labor.
2. Replace the entire water heater.

My brother and I opt for neither of these options.  We requested they order the needed parts and come back on Monday after receiving them to do the installation.

(703) 491-6542

Serving Woodbridge Area 14381 Pine Ln Ste 9 Woodbridge, VA 22191

Complaint Against a Service

777 Mechanical Co

Be warned! Terrible service, called and said will come for a repair, but never shows up. Called again, and he doesn’t even pick up. I decided to go with another reputable company.

(703) 622-2035
6004 Mayfair Ln Alexandria, VA 22310


Complaint Against a Service

Tysons Auto Specialties

I can’t say anything in regards to work with them, however, I can remark on their disposition and air, which I think can indicate how a business is run.  When I called them, I get the feeling that they appear to be extremely dodgy.

I requested a gauge for a CV joint or pivot substitution fix, and they would not give me an “upper range” for a fix that way. I expressed gratitude toward them and said that I would hit them up, and rather than simply answering with a basic bye, the individual stated: “I wagered you will”.

Contact Info:

(703) 893-1860
Serving Vienna Area 8455 Tyco Rd Ste U Vienna, VA 22182

Complaint Against a Service

Bandhana Bajaj, MD their behaviour with the patient is very bad

Bandhana Bajaj, MD their behavior with the patient is very bad. They don’t give priority to their customers. I never write reviews, but I was treated so badly by Capital Women’s Clinic I feel compelled to warn potential patients. I waited weeks to get an appointment with Dr. Bajaj and on the date of my appointment,

I was told I couldn’t be seen because I was 4 minutes late. I’m not being hyperbolic, the receptionist said: “you’re 4 minutes late so we can’t see you today.”When I booked the appointment I was never told that I needed to arrive 15 mins early, the receptionist mentioned that when I arrived.

She also said it was a mistake for the booking staffer to make an appointment for a new patient on a Friday afternoon, of course, I knew none of this and the understanding that I’d been given bad information did not mean anyone helped correct the error.

When I asked why I couldn’t be seen and explained that I’d taken time off of work and paid $ 20.00 for a cab, I was told Dr. Bajaj is double booked for each appointment time. They told me that people who arrived before me were taken in and when I asked if I could wait and have their appointed time, I was told no.

When I asked if there were other doctors with availability, they said no.
When I asked if I could very quickly fill out the forms for new patients (I would’ve been done by 4:10, most doctors run behind by up to an hour, so 10 mins seem fine), I was told no.

Overall the experience was incredibly disappointing and frustrating. I don’t know if Dr. Bajaj is aware of the terrible scheduling practices and rude front desk staff, but since it’s her practice she should be. I will not be rebooking and highly discourage anyone from going to Capital Women’s clinic.

Contact Info:

(202) 331-9293
2141 K St NW Ste 808 Capital Women’s Care Washington, DC 20037 Downtown

Complaint Against a Service

Columbia Fertility Associates are not frendly to their clients

Columbia Fertility Associates are not friendly to their clients have been to them 2 or 3 times and they have sent me the bills and I told them I want to do a monthly payment since I have hospital bills and other doctor bills to pay.   Back in November, we agreed to a payment plan and I would pay the monthly which I have.

In December or January, they sent me a letter that if I do not pay the full amount within 10 days they will send my account to the collection agency.  So I called their office and they said it was probably a mistake and that they will fix it and that I only need to pay the amount we had agreed on.

Now yesterday again I get another letter saying the same that if I do not pay my bill in full they will send my account to the collection agency.  It seems they may have dementia and keep doing the same thing.  So this morning I called the office and spoke to one person from billings and collections and I explained to her everything and she did acknowledge that back in November I had called and agreed to a payment plan,

The person then had to transfer me to the actual office so I can take it up with them AGAIN, so now I’m dealing with Ms. Day from the front desk, I explained to her my situation that there is no way I can pay the full amount since I have hospital bills and other doctor bills I’m also paying.

So Ms. Day had the audacity to ask me how did it lead to this? Why all these medical bills?  That made me so mad!  Why would a receptionist or the front desk ask me “why I have been going to so many doctors or hospital visits?”   Who the hell are you to question me and ask such question?

Like I just decided to get sick and visit the doctor offices and hospitals, since I love it so much and love to get myself into a freaking financial black hole!    At this point I was furious and She told me that she can not talk to me and that the manager will call me.

I told her to have the manager call me and no way in hell I will even pay a dime now!   What this office is doing is harassing and forcing their patients to either pay in full or they will send to the collection agencies

when in fact in their letter they say if we are experiencing financial difficulties to call them to set up a payment plan and that is what I had done and they had no problem collection my funds for the last 2 or 3 months but now they want it in full!

Contact Info:

(202) 293-6567
2440 M St NW Ste 401 Washington, DC 20037 b/t N 24th St & N 25th St West End

Complaint Against a Service

Crowne Plaza Washington Natl Airport is a very cheap hotel

Crowne Plaza Washington Natl Airport is a very cheap hotel. They don’t provide good services. Terribly disappointed with this hotel and the majority of the staff we have dealt with.  We booked 3 nights for approximately $200/night.  The parking garage is a mess.  Pallets and garbage piled up.  The room is dirty, the carpet looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since it was installed, and it smells.

When we inquired about possibly checking out early we were given the run around for over an hour regarding their cancelation/refund policy.  Initially told it was up to (who we booked through) and that we would have to call them.  We call and they called the hotel.  The manager told hotels they would refund anything.

We then went down to the front desk again and we were again told that it was up to  So we called speakerphone right in front of the manager.  At that point, her tune changed and she said: “you are free to leave early, but we will be charging you the full amount”.  I am have stayed in $60/night motels nicer than this place.  Avoid at all costs!

Contact Info:

(703) 416-1600
1480 Crystal Dr Arlington, VA 22202 Pentagon City

Complaint Against a Service

First Choice Body Shop charges high price

First Choice Body Shop charges a high price. They charged me a very expensive cost. Made fun of American cars a lot for a guy with a mullet. Turned not getting business into an art form by being pretentious about having an import, making fun of USAA/veterans and having the highest price we saw. I recommend going here if you feel like getting a verbal thrashing about being a veteran or plain old just don’t like yourself. Or if you have a mullet I suppose.

Contact Info:

Their Website Link- First Choice Body Shop
(703) 836-6920
525 31st St S Arlington, VA 22202 Crystal City

Complaint Against a Service

Patricia Smith, M.D. Medical Faculty Associates careless about the patients

Patricia Smith, M.D. Medical Faculty Associates careless of patients. She needs to more careful about the patient.

I was so disappointed when I visited her for the second time when I was 30 weeks along. Not only she forgot to set the appointment for the diabetic test for me, but also what she said to me was so… unprofessional and even hurt me mentally so bad.

I have been fighting with PTSD and it’s been hard last  since I have had a miscarriage with my first baby and a month after the miscarriage my late husband died in a car accident he and I had an early morning, I had to walk in the dark to find him ejected from our car and died on the highway.

It was 3 .5 months after we finally started living together in the states as a married couple after made it through the 22 months of waiting time being far away, not being able to see each other in each country for my green card to come.  It must be on my chart. I have been fighting with the PTSD, it can cause me a panic attack and over breathing.

I was talking about it to her to tell her I had a bad one right before the visit. She smiled at me like I’m just whining and said “Anyone can get upset. 🙂 ”

It made me sure that she hasn’t read my chart.  Another doctor seemed to care more about it for me, but not her. Both of the visits I made with her, I had to wait too long too. Like the first one my appointment was at 8:30 and I saw her at 9:15.
I don’t think she is a bad doctor or person. I understand doctors are busy and it seems like not checking patients chart can happen often. But it is not part of their job??

Like we all have responsibilities to complete each of our jobs?? Or because I only know how they do in the hospitals where I am from? I’m from Japan and Japanese OBGYNs do much different than here. I’ve seen good doctors here in the states of course but she isn’t one of them.

Contact Info:

(202) 677-6940
2300 M St NW Washington, DC 20037 b/t N 24th St & N 23rd St West End

Complaint Against a Service

Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center’s Services & Environment is cheap

Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center’s Services & Environment is cheap. It was one of my horrible experience.

I arrived here around 10 AM as I had a red-eye flight. Front desk staff was welcoming and he told me it’s going to take 1 hr to have my room ready as I arrived early. Fair enough! I’m an Elite Marriott Rewards member. I was put in M34. The room was clean. The mezzanine floor has its own elevator and there is a different elevator to the main building and the lounge which was little inconvenient.

As I was tired from my previous day red-eye flight, I go to bed to later find out that the bed is full of BED BUGS!!! It bit me hard during sleep around 3.45 AM. I had a swelling on my hand and it was very itchy. I could not call the front desk as the desk phones in the room were down. 😐

Next morning, I informed front desk about this disappointing incident when I was checking out. Alison, the manager was cooperative and she handled the situation well. They took my contact details. I had to leave my luggage there and I was planning to come back by 5 PM to collect it.

In the meantime, Marriott was supposed to get the room checked. I get a call in the afternoon, saying that they found bugs in the room and they will have to fumigate my luggage and they will buy me a new suitcase. When I arrived back to the hotel, I was handed over a big suitcase which was not carry on size.

My original suitcase was ‘Nautica Ahoy 21 Hardside Spinner’ and Marriott gave me ‘BEBE Stella 29’. On expressing disappointment with the size, I was handed over with a receipt and was given an option to exchange it back home.

I had a flight to California from BWI which is very far from the hotel. So, I was on tight schedule. When I was boarding my flight, I was told it’s a way too big bag and I’ll have to check in. I had a connection in Phoenix and had next flight in 40 mins. The whole experience was ridiculous!!  I mean, c’ mon! It’s not some shady motel but Marriott. I usually prefer SPG hotels. This was my first stay at Marriott and certainly the last one!

Contact Info:

(301) 822-9200
Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center
5701 Marinelli Rd Rockville, MD 20852