Complaint Against a Service United States

Parlour Pawn

I went to the Parlour to take a look at their watch collection; to see what they had in stock. I do this every few weeks, usually looking out for Boss watches or Kors. As they didn’t have anything that caught my eye this time, I thought I’d look at some speakers. I saw a set of Bose and asked one of the employees if I could take a listen to them to see how they sounded. He said that they didn’t have a receiver so I wouldn’t be able to… “But”, he said, “We test everything that comes in. If you purchase them you have 30 days to bring them back”. I then asked how he could test them when he JUST TOLD ME that he doesn’t have a receiver. He responded by telling me that they “do” have a receiver but that it would “take too long to set up”. Seriously? You’re kidding me right? All he needed to do was plug them in. Nothing more.

As I’m there looking at the speakers and other items, a deaf man walked in from the laundromat across the parking lot. He asked for change for his clothing. He couldn’t speak; only noises came out but he did his best. The cashier looking after him was kind, polite, courteous and did a fantastic job at helping this gentleman.

When this dead man left, two employees, who were in the corner by the games, were talking. One of them started making noises very similar to the deaf man’s. This employee then started laughing and flailing his hands, making noises, seemingly in mockery. Coincidence? Maybe.. but HIGHLY unlikely. Perhaps the employee wasn’t even mocking the deaf man who came in … but the timing sure seemed like it! Nonetheless, using verbal sounds in a way that is clearly making fun of those who have challenges is repulsive and disgusting and it made me sick to my stomach. I immediately left… and I will never ever return.

I’m confident that they’ll have an excuse, brush it off or claim that I didnt’ actually hear this or am misyaking what I did hear. Let me pre-emptively say to any such responses: Not on your life! The employee went on for several miniutes doing this; it wasn’t a quick mockery and then it was over. He kept it up. There was no mistaking what I was witnessing.

My ONLY regret? Not recording the incident. I was so utterly shocked that I didn’t even think of it. In retrospect, I wish I had… as I would have blasted it across social media. There’s no place for discrimination. Period.

I was encouraged to take this complaint “to” the Parlour but instead of doing this, which could pose a conflict of interest internally, I’m posting it here and will file a report this week with the BBB and Human Rights Comission.

Country Canada
City Moncton, New Brunswick
Address 1299 Mountain Rd
Phone 1 506-384-0853