Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Perfectly Posh

I had been a consultant with Perfectly Posh, which is a direct sales company selling skin care, since May. In that time, I signed a team of 51 and promoted myself several times. I had a lot of trouble with my upline and reported it several times since August. Posh did nothing to address the issues. When I became vocal on how they refused to enforce their own code of conduct and other concerns, Posh terminated my contract without warning and with little explanation.

I had earned a cruise vacation, coming in #6 of the top 20 to earn a spot for a guest, all expenses paid for both. When I inquired about the cruise/cash pay out. They said I just was no longer qualified as my account was not in good standings. I did nothing to deserved my contract to be cancelled. My sales and recruiting were on the leader boards each month and I was a good, compassionate leader.

Posh also has deactivated accounts of my family members that signed under me, without any wrong doing on their part and with no notification or explanation! I have a vested business as I bought, out of pocket, a lot of business supplies. I booked a trip to Florida to attend the Posh convention this week, which of course was also cancelled and I have grown a team that I was earning commissions off of.

Let it be known, others were terminated also, for speaking out about Posh’d unfair and unethical business practices.

Today, they debited my hyperwallet pay account by $446 for said prior overpayments, that I am not aware of. I also have yet to be paid any commissions due to me for the October period, before they wrongfully transferred my downline and terminated my account.

I just read through the BBB reviews, which they score an F for not responding back to complaints. I quickly noted nearly all of the positive reviews were received on the same 3 day span and by Posh’s brainwashed influencers. Did they just all decide at the same time that Posh is incredible??

I wish I did research before joining and growing my team. Plenty of horrendous accounts out here to be discovered, had I searched.

Country United States
State Utah
Phone (801) 441-1744