Phenix City Municipal Elections

I was harassed at the last presidential election here in phenix city. I voted correctly and I used the pen they gave me to correctly mark who I was voting for. But they made me go back several times. The last time I said If I keep marking it will go through the paper. I noticed that nobody else didn’t have any issues but for me. So I will never vote in general elections or local elections.

They cheat anyways people wanted a new district attorney and I voted against ken davis. I had problems in 2016 with my ballot not going through the machine to be counted. Then this black police officer came looking under it so I don’t know if my vote was counted or not. Phenix city can’t seem to get a new district attorney like other counties cam. So I will never vote in this crooked corrupt town ever again. I was harassed with them telling me to go back and mark it correctly which I did.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Phenix City
Address 601 12th St. Third Floor
Phone 334-448-2720