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Piedmont Columbus Regional

I had complained to Chasity Reese NP Amy Grasman that Walmart was refusing to fill my prescription Xanax. The pharmacy had no problems filling it on 05/23/2020 or any other of my medicine. Until I dropped off my family member’s eye cream. All the pharmacy employees could have said is they didn’t have it in stock, But they made me wait 30 minutes while they took it & said they could fill it.

This smart mouth pharmacy intern would take her own sweet time in filing my prescriptions before. But I waited for 15 to 20 minutes when I came back to pick it up this was on 06/23/2020. When I got to the window they told me to drive around & I refused then this manager named Vernokia came to the window trying to force me to drive around. They didn’t make any other cars drive around before me. I’m being picked on for some reason.

Then the tech claims there wasn’t a date on the prescription which I pointed out there was. I told them off which a customer has a right to stand their ground when they’re being picked on or discriminated against. I guess they complained to the intern pharmacist who isn’t a fully licensed pharmacist., When I tried to order my medicine. The inter pharmacist said they were going to lunch on Saturday 06/23/2020 that it would be ready in 2 hours. Then I called to be sure it was ready. Then she started giving me a hard time saying she would transfer it to a different pharmacy I said no.

You can’t transfer Xanax a narcotic. The other pharmacy Walmart employees lied saying I was outraged. I had every right to be upset for them making me wait 30 minutes then they tried to make me drive around when I didn’t need to, for them to just tell me they didn’t have it. The intern pharmacist is crazy & shouldn’t have this position If she is going to punish them & flat out refuse to fill people’s prescriptions. She is started off on the wrong foot by acting like this. She would cause Walmart to be on the hook for potential wrongful deaths by allowing her to abuse people like this.

This intern caused me to lose my Doctor because all I asked was for a new prescription to go to a different doctor’s office. I wasn’t an out of control crazy person like this intern pharmacy said I was. These pharmacy employees are the crazy ones, & they shouldn’t be in charge over people’s lives

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