Complaint Against a Service United States

Pizza Hut — I order a meat lover pan pan garlic crust large with red onion black olives mushroom and it tasted spoiled

The meat or sauce of crust just did not taste right. When i contacted the office on 1116 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH 43612
The manager told me there was nothing he could do because i waited until the next day

The reason for me not calling last night was because i was the last order they closed at 11:00pm

by the time my pizza was order after 10:00 and was picked up close to closing time.

I think the manager did not handle my situation professionally and did not take in consideration that i could get food poison if the products used were spoiled.
I spent close to $30.00 that i had to throw away. The pizza smelled and tasted like vomit.
I have never had a problem before and a routine customer. That should of counted for something
Not to be told there is nothing he could do..